The making of The Dandy Cock….

From this…..

You know when you have one of those ideas, that just wont go away, and keeps at you over time? Well, The Dandy cock exists today for that single reason. From idea to open night we are probably talking almost 3 years, and it was the location that really pushed us into it last year.

Right from the moment that we chose the name, we knew we needed a logo, and the idea of a “Dandy cock” was top of the list. But as is often the case with these things, having an idea in your mind is one thing, having the skill and inspiration to get it onto paper, is another thing entirely.

Luckily, a friend introduced us to the work of Alice Tams, who amazingly for us, specialises in drawing birds! We were immediately impressed with her work, and when we spoke, we knew she would create something perfect. She was even very patient with our desire to get just the right colour for his trousers. Have a look at her work here…


The Dandy Cock real ale pub
The Dandy Cock real ale house nottinghamshire

… And this.

And there there’s us….. Phil is a local lad, born and raised in Hucknall, with an employment background in property development, which has taken him all over the place, but he always comes back to the Kirkby area, where we have lived for 30 years.

I – Jo – was born outside of the UK and came back in my mid teens, with the bulk of my working life spent in I.T with a great few years in the voluntary charity sector.

I think it is this eclectic mix that lends itself to what we do now, that mixture of creativeness and attention to detail, with a huge amount of experience dealing with people thrown in for good measure.

We have managed to split the responsibilities really well. As a keen real ale enthusiast, and CAMRA member, Phill is in his element taking charge of the cellar, procurement of ales and dealing with the mainly local breweries. As the licence holder, I am in looking after the day to day running of the pub, staffing, social media, special events and most importantly, our customers.

To this…

Many locals will know that before we took over, the previous business for some years was a barbers.

We had a clear idea that we wanted a Micro pub, which must have one room, and serve real ale, to us the location seemed perfect, with so many people close by, and great transport links, we just had to persuade the landlord. He was not convinced of the vision at all, but thankfully, we persuaded him, and on our opening night, he conceded that he was wrong, and he really loved what we had done. Once we got the keys, our hard work really began. We had some things made from scratch (the bar came from Essex, the wood panelling was done by local Joiner. Other things were reclaimed, bought from eBay or sourced elsewhere. The finished article is something we are really proud of, and does not feel like coming to work at all.

Jo and Phill.


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Wednesday17:00 — 22:00
Thursday17:00 — 22:00
Friday14:00 — 22:30
Saturday13:00 — 22:30
Sunday13:00 — 21:30

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